JC Group Launches Earth Civilization Foundation With Participation of Seven Nobel Laureates

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4 min readJan 29, 2018

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(Yicai Global) Jan. 29 — JC Group, one of the biggest conglomerates in China, has unveiled the Earth Civilization Conference and the Earth Civilization Foundation with the participation of seven Nobel laureates in a rare move bringing together the “super brains” of the world to work toward a more peaceful, harmonized and prosperous future for all.

The new initiative, unveiled in Xiamen, southeast China’s Fujian province, Jan. 23–24,gathered seven Nobel laureates including a Nobel peace prize winner and aims to create a harmonized and better future for humanity regardless of race, religion, culture and language. It aims to “enable the world civilizations to ‘bloom together’ and effectively push forward the fusion of human civilazations,” Jay Wei, chairman of JC Group said..

One of the most striking and salient aspects of the Earth Civilization Conference was speeches given by the Nobel laureates who have made groundbreaking discoveries in their respective fields. Their call on governments and businesses for more awareness for the earth and ecology, which is why the JC Group has taken the initiative to launch this common platform and agenda for a brighter future for all, the east and the west, says its founder and Chairman Jay Wei, was resounding concerns and actions plans the 2017 BRICS Summit leaders voiced in the exact same venue, the Xiamen International Convention Center, only four months ago.

The issues pointed to by the Nobel laureates have provided clues into future challenges the humankind faces and how the JC Group’s Earth Civilization Conference and the Earth Civilization Foundation can be instrumental in helping resolve them. Here is a snapshot of what they had to say:

Brain, Core of All Our Activities

2014 Nobel laureate in physiology or Medicine Edvard Moser disclosed some striking statistics about the extent of brain-related diseases, which he said affect one in four people above certain age worldwide. Some 25 percent of those aged 80 and above have a brain-related disease such as Parkinson, Alzheimer, depression and epilepsy. One in every four above that age dies of Alzheimer in the world, he pointed out, reminding gloomy reality.More than one third of the population in Europe suffer from brain-related diseases. This equals to nearly 180 million people out of 500 million living in Europe, Moser disclosed.

“Brain is the basis for all of our activities,” said Moser. “Understanding brain-related diseases benefits the society,” he emphasized, relating it to the Earth Civilization Foundation and how the JC Group can contribute to the research in the field.The Group plans to allocate USD1.5 billion in two years to provide special fund support for scientific research. It will also pool scientific research personnel in various disciplines.

In addition, Nakamura Shuji, winner of 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics, Alvin E. Roth, winner of 2012 Nobel Prize in Economics, Arieh Warshel, winner of 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and Jerry Kaplan, a top specialist in intelligence at Stanford University in the United States, also shared the world’s cutting-edge technology and perspectives from the field of physics, economics, chemistry, and artificial intelligence.

Reorganizing Humanity’s Relationship With Earth

“We have to develop a more beautiful future,” Jay Wei, chairman of JC Group, summed up his rationale behind the Earth Civilization Conference and the Earth Civilization Foundation. “China’s economy is undergoing profound changes. How will it develop? What is its development direction? How can we modernize people’s lives? The economy provides new impetus and new forces. So, we need a model to face challenges. As living standards improve in China, we can lead a better life,” he pointed out.

Chinese people need a better life, better cities. We need to look at other parts of the world to build a better future. “5,000 years of Chinese history and civilization are true to the nature of earth. It is closer to the nature of things. It gives us direction for future, Wei emphasized.

However, through exchanges, we can build a common future. Pursuing global influences, mass weapons of destructions impede development and make us “next generation dinosaurs,” Jay Wei warned.

“We have to revisit our relationship with earth. With greater integration and symmetry, can we create a project that could translate into practice and science and technology reality. We can create applications to advance our objectives for humanity and earth,” the founder of JC Group suggested.

“We need to communicate with each other. That is why we need such a platform [Earth Civilization Conference and Earth Civilization Foundation], a platform that transcends borders, languages and cultures. We can infuse each other and emit harmonized thought. We need to find the truth for a common future.”



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